10 Bands That Have Influenced Me As A Musician.

10. Idlewild

Not really well known outside the U.K. or even Scotland, Idlewild’s The Remote Part is one of my favourite albums of all time and songs like “Live In A Hiding Place” and “Stay The Same” being my favourites of the The Remote Part, with the latter influencing “I’ll Wait”, one of my newer songs. My parents are also Idlewild fans as well and singer Roddy Woomble is one of my influences as a vocalist.

9. Biffy Clyro

Being from Kilmarnock, this was an obvious choice. Though I never actually heard of Biffy until “Only Revolutions” came out but having taken an instant like to their style and stage presence (because who doesn’t like performing onstage topless?). Though I’ve never seen any live gigs from them in real life, they are a brilliant band to see and hear live.

8. Coldplay

Say what you want about Coldplay, they are arguably more pop than rock now but they were one of my favourite bands growing up and still had some good songs in their 2010s period like “Charlie Brown”, “Hurts Like Heaven” and “Up&Up” plus Chris Martin is one of the most likeable guys in the music business at the moment.

7. Green Day

Pop punk bands like Sum 41 and Blink 182 were amongst my favourites as well but I was mostly into Green Day. Like Roddy Woomble from Idlewild, Billie Joe Armstrong’s vocal delivery influenced my style as a vocalist, plus they’re one of my band’s biggest influences.

6. Pearl Jam

Another “grunge” band makes it way onto the list. One of my dad’s favourite bands, I would say that Pearl Jam are more diverse than Nirvana, even before Kurt Cobain’s death, albums like “Ten” and “Vs.” prove this and also, Mike McCready is a very, very underrated guitarist.

5. The Strokes

Despite not being as musically versatile as some of the other bands on this list, they have influenced me to a indie/garage rock album, plus all five members seem like pretty cool guys. I never get bored hearing of their music.

4. Nirvana

Earlier I said that Nirvana weren’t as musically diverse as Pearl Jam, yet they still managed to go above them on this list. This is because when I first listened to Nirvana, I decided to get serious about music. I can remember playing their “greatest hits” album nonstop when I was about 5 or 6 as I was a big fan of distorted, sludgy guitars and crashing drums. Kurt Cobain really spoke to a generation, even though he died three years before I was born, Nirvana’s songs mean a lot to me.

3. R.E.M.

In all of their 31 years as a band, R.E.M. weren’t just a popular band not just in the U.S. but in the U.K. as well and for good reason too. They were brilliant songwriters and a band where both quantity and quality worked, releasing 15 studio albums over the span of almost three decades, with “Automatic For The People” going down as one of my favourite albums of all time.

2. Rush

Another consistent band, having released 20 studio albums under 40 years, Rush arguably had the best musicians in the world with bassist/singer Geddy Lee (who is one of my biggest influences as a bassist), guitarist Alex Lifeson and drummer Neil Peart. Rush produced a lot of classic albums such as “2112” and “Moving Pictures” and having listened to their full catalog, they don’t seem to have a bad song in their history.

Notable mentions

Here are some bands that almost made it into the top 10.

– The Killers- The “Hot Fuss” album was their only album that I thought was insane, their other albums are good, but failed to jump out at me.
– Soundgarden- Only recently got into Soundgarden so I haven’t listened to a great deal of their stuff yet, but have shown me a new area of songwriting.
– Blink-182- A good band, Travis Barker is an insane drummer, but I still prefer Green Day.
– Kaiser Chiefs- A big fan of their first two albums, not so much the rest.

1. Foo Fighters

You’d expect Rush to be at Number 1 didn’t you, well the truth is it was Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters that inspired me to actually write songs and form a band. I see Foo Fighters as my main musical influence as not long after the death of Kurt Cobain, Grohl was on the verge of quitting music but he created “Foo Fighters”, originally a one-man project where Grohl recorded the vocals, guitar, bass and drums himself, fast-forward 20 years and they are amongst the most popular bands but also at the fact like Rush, they don’t have a single bad song on their discography.

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