Why “Now That’s What I Call Music” Doesn’t Appeal To Me.

– This is my own personal opinion.

In the space of fifteen/twenty years, mainstream/chart music has changed a lot. Flashback to 1997, the year I was born. You had the likes of No Doubt, U2 and Radiohead in the charts, all three had songs on Now That’s What I Call Music 37, fast forward to today we have Little Mix, The Chainsmokers and dare I say Justin Bieber dominating the charts today.

Now That’s What I Call Music definitely has it’s positives as it’s good for people who are less interested in music to let them know what music’s popular today and whilst I can sometimes be guilty of being a “music snob” but Now That’s What I Call Music just doesn’t appeal to me or most of my friends in anyway possible. It may have done when five or six years ago as that’s what all my friends listened to at the time but NTWICM is aimed at a certain market, mainly pre-pubescent children and that’s why I consider the title “Now That’s What I Call Music!” to be very misleading.

The artists that feature on NTWICM are mainly pop/R ’n’ B/dance artists and don’t get me wrong, there is some artists in those genres that are pretty good however it’s all that really features but it just isn’t my taste. I’ll listen to anything whether it be baroque/classical music or grime but I’ll mainly listen to anything rocky. Rock music in the U.K. is still getting recognised by the BBC as the likes of Kodaline, Royal Blood and Slaves featuring on the longlists however these bands aren’t on the same market as the acts that are featured on NTWICM.

I remember the first NTWICM album I listened was Now 50 and even though pop music dominated, there was more of a mixture of bands/artists as you had boybands like Westlife, Five and Blue, dance artists like Daft Punk, N-Trance and Groove Armada, indie/alternative rock with the likes of The Dandy Warhols and Travis, pop punk with the likes of Alien Ant Farm, Sum 41 and Wheatus as well as the power ballad at the end of the CD with Kate Winslet’s “What If”.

While almost everyone mentioned bar Daft Punk and Sum 41 have disappeared of the scene of the earth. If you were born in the early-to-mid 90s you would’ve at least heard of the one of those artists.

I do think that nowadays a lot of music on NWTICM is extremely bland, for example Little Mix’s “Black Magic” which practically the 91st edition of NWTICM’s biggest songs. Some people will think that “Black Magic” is a very catchy, feel good song and that’s okay but me personally, I find it to be overly-cheesy and I find the lyrics to very generic and average. Another song is Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”, like WTF at all? To quote Dave Grohl “If the Number One song is about your butt, that’s a problem.” The words just don’t mean anything important.

I think it’s great that a lot of these artists that get featured on NTWICM are getting some recognition, if not too much for some, people are still buying their songs/albums. I just think that with a title like “Now That’s What I Call Music”, it doesn’t appeal to a vast variety of music, I think it should be changed to “Now That’s What I Call Pop”. Just saying.

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