10 Albums I Never Get Tired of Listening To.

10 Coldplay- Parachutes

Arguably the first album I listened to as a child. This album is special as it has a strong nostalgia element brings back my very first memories of growing up. I never listened to it on repeat and I’ve always came back to it, all 10 tracks still sound very fresh.

9 The Strokes- Is This It

Another debut album, Is This It is one of the best indie rock albums I own, I never tire of hearing it as the songs just fly through and are pretty easy to listen to. Also a good album to listen to if you’re a beginner at the drums.

8 Fleetwood Mac- Rumours

Even though I’m not the biggest Fleetwood Mac fan, what’s special about Rumours is that each song sounds different, you get folk numbers like “Dreams” and “Songbird” and rockier songs like “Go Your Own Way” and “You Make Lovin’ Fun”, Rumours also brings back good memories, even if the first time I listened to it was 37 years after it’s original release.

7 Foo Fighters- There Is Nothing Left To Lose

Arguably, the Foo’s best album, I could’ve put any album from Foo Fighters in hear but TINLTL has awesome hits like “Breakout”, “Learn To Fly” and “Generator” but also you can definitely see the maturing in the band with songs like “Next Year” and “Aurora”. Every song flies through and there isn’t a single weak track on the album.

6 Pendulum- Immersion

A mixture of their first and second albums, Pendulum did all sorts of genres on Immersion from drum ’n’ bass and dubstep to rock and heavy metal with collaborations with Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson and Swedish metal band In Flames. One of the few albums I’ve listened where each song has a different style to it. The first electronic music album that really grew on me.

5 The Killers- Hot Fuss

An album which has a huge influence on my current music project, Killers don’t have the almost default rock band set up of vocals, guitar, bass and drums but also synths as well. They were the first band I listened to that put almost techno synths in rock music. Popular amongst my mates at school, Hot Fuss is my ultimate feel good album.

4 Rush- Moving Pictures

I could’ve put Roll The Bones or Vapor Trails in this list, but I’ve decided to go for Moving Pictures. Arguably Rush’s best album of all time, it has one of my favourite instrumentals in “YYZ”. Despite only having 7 tracks, it shows the drums, the bass, the guitars and synths at their very best.

3 Idlewild- The Remote Part

Possibly the most underrated Scottish bands in the early naughties. Idlewild mixed hard rock and almost post-grunge with a few R.E.M.-inspired ballads such as “Live In A Hiding Place” and “Tell Me Ten Words”. There isn’t a single weak song on the full album in my opinion.

2 Daft Punk- Discovery

An album which made me look at dance music at a different mindset. Every song on Discovery tells a story (it was made into an anime film as well). If you are a Daft Punk fan, watch all of Interstellar 5555, as you’ll connect more to the songs, particularly the ballad “Something About Us”. Also I find that I can never feel depressed when I listen to “Discovery” as it is such an uplifting album in my book.

1 R.E.M.- Automatic For The People

Like Rush, any R.E.M. album I could have mentioned but the music and stories of “Automatic for the People” was particularly special in my opinion. I found the songs in “Automatic For The People” very heartwarming (with the exception of The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight). If you want to interpret Automatic for The People as a concept album, listen to it backwards, from the last song to the first in that order, if you can figure out what the lyrics are about it’s even more poignant that way.

Honorable mentions

Radiohead- OK Computer

Songs like “No Surprises” and “Let Down” make OK Computer just as heartwarming as Automatic For The People.

Franz Ferdinand- You Can Have It So Much Better

Loads of mood whiplash on that album, particularly the last three songs. An album where each song has a completely different arrangement.

Nirvana- Nevermind

Only an honourable mention, it isn’t as musically diverse compared to some of the other albums on the list but a very enjoyable album.

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