Why it’s good to have a diverse taste in music.

(Featured Image by https://www.pexels.com/search/music/)

If you’ve decided that music’s the thing you want to do then I think it’s good to have more than just one type of music that you enjoy.

Me, along with a lot of my family members like all sorts of music. As I’m in a rock band, I mainly listen to rock but I also like rap and electronic music as well. From the ages of 6 to 12, I mainly listened to rock music from progressive rock such as Rush and Yes to Nirvana and grunge but moving into my teenage years, I got into electronic/dance music such as Pendulum and Daft Punk and right now I’ve only just got into rap music, particularly grime artists such as Wiley and Skepta.

All kinds of music/instrumentation interest me and to be honest, I pretty much listen to anything. As long as the music’s bearable (so no Gangnam Style or Kids Bop!)

I think if you do get a band together it’s good to have more than just one kind of music that you like as you have a better chance of relating to your other band member’s tastes. It could be a situation where your guitarist likes anything with a guitar in it and so does your bassist, whereas your drummer might also be into dance/electronic music, the keyboardist could be into more classical works and your singer may just like commercial pop so I feel it’s good to have mutual tastes as well though, if you’re wanting to form a prog rock band and your guitarist can only play three chords, then that’s a problem!


(My band Vague Reality, we have a wide range of influences from classic rock/metal to grunge to commercial pop music.)

It also helps to listen to a band without other people saying “That band’s shit!” or “Their music’s terrible!” and colouring your view before you’ve even to listened to any of their songs. I made that mistake with rap music as I hung out with so many people who were anti-rap/anti-hip hop music. It’s best to have an open mind and to listen to a song before you say you like it or if you don’t. I now like a range in rap music from Public Enemy to N.W.A to Eminem to grime.

Listening to a large range of different music can help you if you’re playing in instrument such as guitar, keyboard or drums, all of which are used in a variety of different genres, especially the guitar. Guitar isn’t just a rock instrument as it’s used in folk, blues, jazz, metal, funk etc. whereas drums are used in pretty much anything out there.

If you’re wanting a career in music whether it be as a musician or as a record producer, I think it’s good to have a wide range of music taste. When I was applying for my commercial course at university that was one thing that helped me get into the course. You can kind of get bored after listening to a certain band or area of music after so long so it’s good to like a contrasting style, for example, you might like King Crimson but you also might like The Ramones, you may like Mozart but you also like Skrillex, or you’re a fan of Metallica but love Disney as well, as long as you like the music, that’s all that should matter. If you’ve got someone, whether it be a friend or an acquaintance that’ll hate on any music that you listen to then two things, one, you shouldn’t bring up taste in music in a conversation and two, music just isn’t they’re thing.

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