Foo Fighters Albums Ranked Worst To Best.

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Since 1995, Foo Fighters have released eight studio albums with one in the making. As they’re arguably my favourite band and I’ve listened to all their albums, here are Foo Fighters albums ranked from worst to best in my opinion.

8. In Your Honor (2005)

I haven’t heard this album as much as other albums so that’s the main reason I’ve put this at number eight. This is a double album and while the electric side is pretty awesome, the acoustic side, I got bored with it, I know what FF were trying to do with it but I would’ve kept it a single album with side one in it’s entirety and maybe three or four tracks from side two. I just think some of the songs don’t really go anywhere, but “Friend of a Friend” is a true gem!

7. Sonic Highways (2014)

This album only had eight tracks but with FF doing as sort of U.S. studio tour with this album, eight tracks would be enough. There is a bit of a mix on this album which is good, from songs like “Feast and The Famine” to “I Am A River” which is one of my all-time favourite Foo Fighters song, but boy, is this album over before you know it?

6. Foo Fighters (1995)

The only album older than me, this was when the Foo Fighters was still Dave Grohl’s side project. Had some really good songs like “I’ll Stick Around” and “Good Grief” It seems harsh that I’ve put this at number six but this was the start and I felt that Foo Fighters grew over the next albums when bassist Nate Mendel and drummer Taylor Hawkins came into the mix.

5. One By One (2002)

An underrated album, One By One was the first FF album I’d listened to, yeah they saw this as their weakest album but I disagree, it has a very aggressive sound that they had lacked on their last album and it’s definitely their heaviest with songs like “All My Life” and “Low”, the energy on those first two songs is exactly what you need as an album opener. However some of the songs later in the album such as “Overdrive” and “Burn Away” are pretty forgettable.


4. Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (2007)

Out of all eight Foo’s albums, this was the album that grew on me the most. It had a lot of acoustic songs like the previous album, In Your Honour but I think it’s In Your Honour done better it mixes the more acoustic songs like “Stranger Things Have Happened” and “Home” with the heavier songs like “The Pretender” and “Erase/Replace”.

3. Wasting Light (2011)

This album I felt was pretty cool as it wasn’t recorded in a studio but Dave Grohl’s garage! This album helped me get back into the Foo’s again and the first since “The Colour And Shape” to feature Pat Smear as full-time member. Songs like “Bridge Burning”, “White Limo” and “Walk” are the stand-out songs on this album. Production and songwriting were well done on the album as well.

2. The Colour And The Shape (1997)

Foo Fighters’ second album, and I feel this album put Foo Fighters on the map. So why’s it number two? Well, there is quite a lot of filler tracks and a few of them such as “Enough Space” and “Wind Up” could’ve been a bit longer but it has arguably the three best Foo Fighters tracks on that album. “Monkey Wrench”, “My Hero” and David Letterman’s favourite, “Everlong”.

  1. There Is Nothing Left To Lose (1999)

No album is perfect but There Is Nothing Left To Lose is as close it comes to a perfect Foo’s album. It might not be as as angry and aggressive as some of their albums but TINLTL made sure Foo Fighters weren’t just a Nirvana spin-off. The album had more commercial sounding songs like “Learn To Fly”, “Breakout” and “Generator” but all three are classics. The more acoustic “Ain’t it the Life” is an underrated track in my opinion. I never tire of hearing this album in it’s entirety.

So yeah, I consider There Is Nothing Left To Lose to be Foo Fighters’ strongest album but I do enjoy all of their albums, I just think some are stronger than others.

I will do more of these ‘worst to best’ albums more often.

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