Coldplay Albums Ranked Worst To Best.

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Coldplay were one of the first bands I ever listened to and I’ve followed them since their debut album, Parachutes. Over the years, Coldplay have experimented in different styles and genres and have released seven albums as of 2017.

However I would say that with any band, some albums will be better or worse than others and Coldplay is no exception. Here is my take on Coldplay’s worst to best albums.

7 Ghost Stories (2014)

You probably saw this coming from a mile away. Ghost Stories is by far Coldplay’s weakest album. It’s such a long way from mid-00’s Coldplay, a long way from their preceding album, Mylo Xyloto. Nine tracks isn’t really enough and it lacked a “Yellow” or a “Fix You”, “A Sky Full of Stars” seems too half-hearted. I like “Midnight” and “O” but that’s about that to be honest.

6 A Head Full of Dreams (2015)

Seen as Ghost Stories’ sister album, I definitely consider it to be the better of the two. Songs like “Adventure of a Lifetime”, “Everglow” and “Army of One” are the highlights but still lacks that “true lead single”. It was good to hear Noel Gallagher’s guitar on “Up&Up” however I didn’t really dig “Hymn for the Weekend” despite it having Beyoncé on it. However I still feel this album is a little bland compared to the earlier albums.

5 Mylo Xyloto (2011)

The Coldplay album that grew on me the most. Mylo Xyloto has some truly beautiful songs like “Charlie Brown”, “Us Against The World” and “Up In Flames”. This was Coldplay going more into pop status with “Paradise” and “Princess of China” but it’s still an enjoyable album as unlike Ghost Stories, as there’s more energy.

4 X&Y (2005)

X&Y is a brilliant album, the reason why it’s only at number four is because I got tired of  “Low” and “Twisted Logic” always coming up on Shuffle on my iPod. It had some great ballads like “A Message”, “Swallowed In The Sea” and of course the “Fix You” in there however I enjoy some of Coldplay’s album that little bit more!

3 Viva La Vida (2008)

Reminds me of my holiday at Centre Parcs when I was 11 years old. Another album that grew on me. A range in styles on this album from baroque on “Viva La Vida”, shoegazing on “Chinese Sleep Chant (Yes’ hidden track)” and hip hop on “Lost!”. A very decent album all round and it makes me reminisce of my pre-teen years.

2 Parachutes (2000)

Coldplay’s debut album and one of the first albums I listened to, like Foo Fighters’ There Is Nothing Left To Lose, I never tire of hearing this album. Takes me back to my pre-school years. With songs like “Yellow” and “Trouble”, Parachutes definitely put Coldplay on the map. Coldplay’s older albums just have a knack of nostalgia.

1 A Rush of Blood To The Head (2002)

So why is Parachutes number two? While I do think Parachutes is a strong album, I think Rush of Blood is Coldplay’s strongest. It’s a good album to come back to as every song is unforgettable. It has possibly the best opening to any album in “Politik” with it has my favourite Coldplay ballad “Amsterdam” at the end. There isn’t a single weak link on Rush of Blood as I feel it is solid from start to finish and that’s why it’s at number one.

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