Album Review – Coldplay – Parachutes

So it’s been awhile since I last did an album review or a blog alone for that matter, but anyways I was driving home from Glasgow last night and I had Coldplay’s Parachutes playing in the car and every time I listen to it, it brings back so many memories and nostalgia. This was the first album I’d ever listened to and I’d thought it’d be a great album to review after such a long break. 

Here is my review of Coldplay’s Parachutes.

Track 1 – Don’t Panic 

Don’t Panic is a song I’d play to try and calm me down for stress and stuff, the song is simple and laid-back yet so brilliant. It’s got a brilliant chorus and the guitar playing is pretty cool, plus we hear guitarist Jonny Buckland singing the second verse, it’s a shame he doesn’t sing much now but anyways, the song’s only real weakness is that it’s a bit short, it’s just over two minutes and it’s over before you know it. Still, a great song to start off.

Track 2 – Shiver

Shiver is longer than Don’t Panic, over 5 minutes long and the first album single Coldplay released. The musicianship between Buckland, Berryman and Champion is great and Chris Martin puts so much emotion into this song, it must mean so much to him whatever the song’s about. It’s got a great guitar riff and Champion’s percussive work is tremendous, not bad for someone who wasn’t a drummer before they joined! 

Track 3 – Spies

I have no idea when this song was last played live, I have a funny feeling it might’ve been before A Rush of Blood To The Head but holy crap, is this song underrated? Chris Martin’s vocals are on point again and the music after the chorus is nothing short of climactic, again, Buckland, Berryman and Champion gel really well together and they help give that song, that haunting feel, not to mention the electric guitar feedback along with Chris Martin’s acoustic at the beginning. 

Track 4 – Sparks

I always got “Spies” and “Sparks” mixed up, but this one’s more chill, laid-back, the drums remind me of “Porcelain” by Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jonny Buckland’s guitar sound comes into play again and gives a more acoustic track that electric feel. It’s not really the most memorable track on the album but still a good dynamic shift from the previous two tracks.

Track 5 – Yellow

What can I say about Yellow? It’s an uplifting song with a distorted guitar riff, not very common in Coldplay’s music but anyways, Martin shows he has a brilliant vocal range here, like Don’t Panic, the song is pretty simple but Martin’s vocals bring so much more emotion to it. There is a reason this song is the most popular, yes it’s poppy but it’s so catchy as well and quite happy too. Who says Coldplay just right depressing songs? Mind you, me saying that, the next track isn’t so happy!

Track 6 – Trouble

The first piano-led track on Parachutes. The piano alone gives the song a sadder picture, the song is clearly about regret in a past relationship and the music and vocals help convey this emotion. Also, that end section is really haunting, Chris Martin’s sad, falsetto vocals followed by the instrumental, those dissonant chords are chilling! I feel the Parachutes album had quite a mood swing but, these things are common and “Trouble” is one of the album’s strongest songs.

Track 7 – Parachutes

You know how I said “Trouble” was one the strongest songs on the album, well “Parachutes” is the weakest simply for the fact it’s only 40 seconds long!!! It just seems so incomplete and the track is missing a chorus, but despite that it’s chill, it gives me an image of Chris Martin up on a treehouse rocking back with his acoustic guitar. It ain’t a bad song but it’s just way too short!

Track 8 – High Speed

Another underrated song. If this song had been released as a single and had no idea it was Coldplay, I would’ve guessed it was Radiohead, I can hear similarities of the Radiohead track “Subterranean Homesick Alien”, “High Speed” as well gives a trippy vibe, also, this is one song where I feel the bass guitar stands out, especially at the end, it’s just so relaxing and chill. It’s a shame that songs like these get forgotten about. Truly underrated shit. 

Track 9 – We Never Change

I feel this song could be the sibling to that of “Sparks”, both are laid-back but at the same time, Chris Martin puts so much emotion into the singing, also, the contrast of acoustic instruments with Jonny Buckland’s electric guitar, the chorus just gives me goosebumps, so does the bridge. A slower song but underrated.

Track 10 – Everything’s Not Lost 

The other piano-led track on Parachutes. The song brings a good message as well, life can seem really shit but “everything’s not lost” and the final section almost has me in tears every time I hear it. I feel the bass is really good in this song as well, Guy Berryman holds it down really well. One thing I didn’t really notice until recently is the three-part harmony in the end section, I’m guessing whilst Martin’s holding the main melody, Buckland’s doing the lower harmony and Champion, the higher. It’s a shame that people only really know “Yellow”, “Trouble” and “Don’t Panic” while forgetting the rest, which is a shame because each track has a gem somewhere.

Hidden Track – Life Is For Living

You didn’t think I’d forgotten about this track, did you? I think they may have played “Life Is For Living” at Glastonbury 2011 which would’ve been awesome because that’s when the Mylo Xyloto tracks began to get played which is a good contrast of songs. The song itself like “Trouble” is about someone wanting to improve on their past mistakes and like “Everything’s Not Lost”, the title alone has a good message about life. 

To conclude, whilst I like A Rush of Blood to the Head, Parachutes brings back so many memories of my childhood and nostalgia. I’d recommend this album to any of my friends, even if you’re not that big on Coldplay, I’d recommend this album to anyone feeling stressed or depressed. Just play this album and I guarantee you’ll be cured! 

Well, this pretty much wraps it up. Expect more album reviews very soon. If you’ve liked this album review give it a like, a share and I’ll talk to you in a while. 

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